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Here it is, almost two months after I’ve pulled the eBook from circulation, and I’ve received notification of an eBook sale of The Adventures of Reztap. OK, maybe that doesn’t sound strange to you, but consider this – it is through Amazon where the eBook isn’t even listed on my Dashboard of books! Evidently, it really is difficult to remove a publication from the internet once it’s been posted there in one form or another.

For those keeping track (I think there are about five of you, maybe?), I’ve been writing both the sequel and revising the original. Neither of those very fast, I might add. I have other projects I’m working on as well, and all of them seem to have suffered the same fate. Just not concentrating as well as I used to on writing. Maybe it’s the new grandson that is distracting me more than anything else.

So, back to concentration and focus. Would that writing were a full-time occupation for me, it would be easier to justify the number of hours required. As it is, it’s still a part-time endeavor. The full-time job still occupies a vast chunk of time – 11.5 hours a day including commute if there is no overtime. Finances being what they are, there is also the part-time job which consumes an additional chunk of time on the weekends. Time left over for writing is very sparse. I have less of it now than I did this same time last year. Not a positive prospect to be sure.

However, now I have an additional array of tools at my disposal. During lunch time, I can easily access my writing documents and add a little here and a little there. That could be another 2.5 hours of writing a week. It’s not the best, but it’s better than a kick in the pants. Given the circumstances at home with the new grandson, it may actually behoove me to devote a couple of hours away from the house to writing rather than try to cram it in with the distractions there. I’m going to try a four-hour window every weekend and see what I can accomplish away from the home office.

Enough musings! I hope your own personal pursuits are more fruitful than mine have been of late.


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