Just saw Kingsman (No Spoilers – Honest!)

Home / Just saw Kingsman (No Spoilers – Honest!) - March 5, 2015 , by edunlap
I know – I’m weeks behind the curve. That really is how most movies fall in my watching. I see them a few weeks late or miss them entirely and wind up catching them on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. Some I just never see at all. I really have to pick and choose what I’m going to devote my time and dollars to. It ultimately comes down to – do I think this is worth seeing in a movie theater or can I catch it later, or not at all?Without giving any plot details away, I can tell you why I liked Kingsman – the movie, not the comic book, which I haven’t read.. It had smart dialogue, didn’t take itself too seriously and, I felt, was a great homage to the James Bond films with a touch of the Avengers (British spy TV series). It was a good film and I highly recommend it…when it comes out on DVD or your choice of digital movie provider, since by the time you realistically read this, it will probably not be in theaters anymore. It’s still bringing in a few million at the box office and, taking worldwide box office into account, it’s a hit. Compared to 50 Shades of Grey and American Sniper, it hasn’t blown away the box office, but it has some staying power. But I digress – it’s a fun spy movie – rated R, so don’t expect there to be no gore or language.


But my movie watching (and even book reading) have recently been taken hostage by the book writer. Writing takes a lot of time and energy – getting in the zone sometimes takes a while. In actuality, I look to movies or books to jump start my imagination – get me back on track mentally to write what I need to write. If I’m writing Reztap, I sometimes indulge myself with YouTube recordings of the Dungeons & Dragons games at the PAX conferences, absorb a little Archer (TV series), or read a little – my last indulgence was Tarry Pratchett’s first book in the Discworld series – The Color of Magic . The initial book…OK, I actually watched the movie first. It was rough, but entertaining in it’s own way. I felt the book was much better, but I thought they did a fairly good job with the movie as well.


I have other writing targets as well – a fantasy series that is still in its early formation stages, for instance. I’ll go into some inspirational music for my writing in another blog. This blog is primarily focused on getting back on the horse, restarting the creative gears and, essentially, getting past writer’s block. OK, and a little griping about not having enough time to see all the movies (or TV) that I’d like to. I hope to watch everything I’ve missed when I’m 80.Keep writing – no matter what you have to miss!




P.S. You may have noticed a bunch of links in this blog – I’m trying to make it easier to find and obtain the referenced works for those who are curious and too lazy to look for it on their own.