Reztap on Publishers Weekly Cover (Spring 2015 Catalog)

Home / Reztap on Publishers Weekly Cover (Spring 2015 Catalog) - March 3, 2015 , by edunlap
The Adventures of Reztap will be one of several covers that get the honor of being on the cover of the Spring 2015 catalog of Publishers Weekly! There were 50 candidates (those who offered the additional funds for the honor), but I believe it’s pared down to a dozen or so that make the cover. The others get to be included in the catalog inside at the reduced price of the inside “ad.”

What does it mean, though? What kind of impact will this have on the future of my first professionally published book? Publishers Weekly has 26,000 subscribers, so at the very least there’s a high probability that 26,000 new people will see my book cover that hadn’t originally. That also means there are some booksellers and librarians out there that might order my book, stock my book, or at least take a chance on it that may not have otherwise. So, it’s a start.
What it doesn’t mean covers a wide variety. The normal Publisher’s Weekly magazine has book reviews in it, which can really give a book additional exposure and sales. This is the catalog, though. It’s the guide to booksellers about what’s new and available, with nothing but a book cover and a brief synopsis to sway them one way or the other towards stocking a book. There is no review. The booksellers have to take a chance and order it. It will be seen by agents and Hollywood producers as well. But I’m taking that with an incredibly large grain of salt; my impression of today’s top movie making engines is they’re looking for true stories to make compelling films from, not a science fiction comedy. Still, a writing agent could be interested, pick up the book and shoot me an email. I may get other works produced with that kind of contact.
On the side of sales – this is a smaller publisher. These books are typically print on demand. Do they have to give refunds on the books that booksellers stock or is that just considered a sale? OK, these really are questions I should ask my publisher and I will. Right now, to be honest, it’s a little gray to me what kind of real impact this will have. Certainly nothing’s guaranteed. I could accidentally hit right in the middle of a big upswing in sales of science fiction humor books and suddenly be near the crest of a wave of sales! Just as easily, however, there could be a glut of these kinds of books gathering dust on the bargain table at Barnes & Noble. It’s essentially impossible to tell.
One thing I do know – this is not the only marketing aspect of The Adventures of Reztap’s journey. There will be blog tours, convention appearances, book signings, etc. all coming down the pike. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. If I suddenly get a flood of book orders the month following the release of the Publishers Weekly Spring 2015 catalog, I will be sure to up date you all.