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It is with great fanfare that I announce The Adventures of Reztap is finally available on iTunes! It was a long wait (longer than I anticipated), but I’m happy it’s finally there.For those wondering exactly how long the wait was, here is the timeline of events for you to reference for your own eBook publishing adventures:

5/12/2012 – eBook first published to Smashwords. Immediately enrolled in Premium channel, but takes a while for approval.
5/30/2012 – Premium status approved. At this point, it is up to the distributors to pick up the electronic data to publish the eBook on their sites.
5/31/2012 – Kobo picks up the data from Smashwords.
6/2/2012 – Opted out of Amazon (Kindle & CreateSpace) since I would be publishing directly there.
6/5/2012 – Diesel picks up the data from Smashwords.
6/19/2012 – Baker & Taylor picks up the data from Smashwords.
6/21/2012 – Sony picks up the data from Smashwords.
7/13/2012 – Barnes and Noble picks up the data from Smashwords.
7/21/2012 – Apple picks up the data from Smashwords.

Every distributor listed here has a schedule for picking up data within a week of its availability on Smashwords – obviously the schedule is a very loose guideline to which they don’t adhere very closely. The nice thing is it gives an approximation of when (AFTER picking up the data) you can expect to see the eBook available on the web site and they’ve been pretty accurate. While it took forever for iTunes to pick up the data for the eBook, it was finally available today (7/26/2012) less than the two weeks it said it might take.

So when distributing through Smashwords, you can anticipate (but not guarantee) that your work will be available with two months of enlisting in the Premium Distribution Channels.

I don’t know how other aggregators work, but I look forward to hearing tales of your adventures here soon.

Happy iTuning,