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I began writing the sequel to The Adventures of Reztap. The new book will be titled Reztap and the Quest for the Insane Moth. If you’ve read the first book, the title makes sense. If you haven’t, well it sure is a curiosity isn’t it?

Onto the teaser as promised! I completed the outline for Reztap and the Quest for the Insane Moth a couple weeks ago. The outline has been marinating and cooking in my brain while I’ve been engaged in other pursuits that have nothing to do with writing. On a business trip this week, I finally delved into the world of Tar and Gorth again and completed chapter one and am just starting the writing of chapter two. What I have completed (via the outline) are the chapter headings for the book – some of these were quite interesting in the first book, and I tried to keep them that way for the second. So, you’re only real preview of the book before I finish writing it and go through the edit process is presented below.

Chapter 1 – How’d that get there?

Chapter 2 – Moth Bawls

Chapter 3 – Why Rimtikians are so Pissy

Chapter 4 – Witless Protection

Chapter 5 – Hell Hath No Fury

Chapter 6 – The Unattainable Bargain

Chapter 7 – Between a Scarf and a Hard Place

Chapter 8 – Dilo the Traitor

Chapter 9 – No Place Like Home

Chapter 10 – Past Tense

Chapter 11 – That Rock is Hard to Swallow

Chapter 12 – Gorth Takes a Vacation

Chapter 13 – Nothing as Profitable as War

Chapter 14 – Mental Fatigue

Chapter 15 – Magnetic Personalities

Chapter 16 – Scarfing down the next Mission

Of course, only part of this makes any sense if you’ve read the first book and probably makes no sense whatsoever if you haven’t. So get out there and read book one! Book two is on the way, I promise!

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