The Adventures of Reztap: Book 1 of The Chronicles of Reztap

The Adventures of Reztap: Book 1 of The Chronicles of Reztap
Series: The Chronicles of Reztap, Book 1
Genre: Sci-Fi
Publisher: Chart House Press, LLC
Publication Year: 2015
ASIN: 1631250604

Tar Reztap and Gorth are intergalactic traders who get pulled into crazy missions. None of the missions turn out exactly as planned. A zany cast of characters aid, hamper and chase the heroes throughout the known galaxy.

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About the Book

“No self-respecting kid raised in the 1970s could help but love space opera. We had Star Wars, we had Space: 1999, we had Star Trek and Isaac Asimov and Harry Harrison and the birth of New Wave. So when I see space opera done exceedingly and lovingly well, as Artemus Withers does in The Adventures of Reztap, it gives me a thrill. Discovering a genre anew is a gift, and Artemus Withers gives freely. Built on a classic rescue story plot, Withers’ story proceeds to slay all the sacred cows of science fiction, but does it with such humor, such style, that even a hardened fan can’t help but laugh along. The Adventures of Reztap has got the humor of Douglas Adams, the snappy dialogue of Firefly, and all the moral slipperiness of the Stainless Steel Rat, but it is a unique and wonderful story all its own. This is the good stuff!”

– Joe McKinney, author of the Dead City book series


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