So Far, So Little

Home / So Far, So Little - July 6, 2012 , by edunlap
I’ll admit, this is a very short test. Would it be more effective if it went longer? I don’t think so. Luckily, both Twitter and Facebook give you the ability to see if things are retweeted or shared. You can’t force someone to share or retweet; you can only ask nicely…which I did! Not much came of it.

So, from what I can gather so far, there is a very small amount of traction to be gained by exposing my followers of 300 or so people to a sale (or just an announcement of the book itself). Lessons learned? Price really isn’t that much of a driving factor when it comes to getting the message out about your book or product – at least, not in a single day. Still to come in the product market testing – book reviews (and how many readers actually follow), blog “ads” (via – giveaways, interviews, excerpts – that type of thing), and the impact of multiple books in a series will also be considered. Of course, I have to write the sequels before I can consider that last one.

To market or to write, that is the question! In the short term, I will be doing a little more marketing research, but that will definitely wane by August, when I will put myself fully into the writing of the next book.

Before I close, the jury is still out on whether the book giveaway on Good Reads has been a win for the marketing column, or just a sunk cost. It may prove dividends in the long run, when more books come out and that may help build more word of mouth. I can certainly see where a single book may not garner as much attention as a series (Twilight, Hunger Games, Harry Potter seem to prove the long term marketing strategy works very well there.) I have found there are other similar book reader sites (Shelfari and Library Thing) which I will be checking out this weekend.

Happy Marketing! (yes, oxymoron, I know.)