Book Patch Paperback Reformatted

Home / Book Patch Paperback Reformatted - June 14, 2012 , by edunlap
Once I got it in my hand, I knew I had to change it, and so I have.

The new formatting gives another quarter inch around the edges – should be just enough room for your thumbs to comfortable rest while holding the book open. Also changed the header and footer around a bit, so page numbers now appear at the bottom, author name on even pages, and book title on odd pages. I consolidated designs from several other books and decided what I thought looked best. It was interesting to note that there is no uniform format to be inferred from the many samples I looked at. There seemed to be just as many variations on header/footer configurations as there were book titles.

The reformatting also caused the book to increase in page number. If you were the sole purchaser of The Book Patch version, you will have a unique prize on your hands. It was 159 pages – now it is 197 pages (I think). Point being, there is no new content, just reformatted margins to make it easier to read. I always listen to my readers and it was not just me who thought the margin was too small in the original printing.

Any comments or suggestions, I’m all ears! Well, OK, all eyes…and a bit of nose, if you must know.