Book Patch Paperback in hand!

Home / Book Patch Paperback in hand! - June 13, 2012 , by edunlap
My first look at the paperback edition from Thee Book Patch is imy hands. It is a quality book, so i don’t mind recommending it to anyone interested in getting it.

Now that I have it in hand, I will be making a few revisions – I would recommend holding off on ordering until next week. I like to have a little more white space on the page given the size of the book, so I will be editing the margins a bit. The cover looks great and the words on white paper inside are easy to read. I already have a few cosmetic corrections I was holding off on making until I saw the book in my hand. Now that I have, I will make the changes and this will be completely ready to go.

How are sales so far? Not counting any purchases I have made to get copies in my hand, here is the breakdown so far:

The Book Patch: 1 copy (to a reader in Dallas, TX)
Smashwords: 4 eBook copies (that is all eBook outlets except Amazon)
Amazon: None so far as I can tell.

It sounds kind of weak, doesn’t it? But really, I’m not shy about this – I’m still trying to see what works in book marketing and what doesn’t. Why not share that information with you, my loyal blog readers? So there it is. Hopefully, some of the seeds of marketing I’ve sown so far will take root and flower, but there is so much more in the future out there to try. I’m not at all demoralized by the numbers. Honestly, they’re better than I thought they would be at this point – no press release, book review, or inclusion on any readling list. those are my next targets. Business card handouts haven’t really resulted in any sales – or at least, no one is using the code for the discount on the Smashwords web site. Everything else so far has been posts on Twitter and Facebook, which is really a random advertisement adn not targeted at any specific audience of people who I think would want to read the book. Not surprised it hasn’t had much impact on sales.

There’s a lot more to come – stay posted for the next marketing steps so I can share a little about the successes and no-so-successes on that front.