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I will be taking advantage of the Kindle Lending Library in July 2012 thru September 2012. The agreement means exclusive digital rights for that period to Amazon for eBook distribution of The Adventures of Reztap.

So what does that me to you, my incredibly large and attentive audience? It means for those three months, you will only be able to view or buy the eBook version of the book through Amazon. It does not affect the print version, so you can still by that from either Amazon or The Book Patch.

It will temporarily prevent the eBook from being distributed to any other outlet. I will be accomplishing this by “unpublishing” the book from the Smashwords site which will effectively remove it from distribution on all other web sites.

You may be asking yourself why I’m doing this. Well, I want to see what it will mean to me financially to have the eBook available in the Lending Library for that exclusive period. How much of a share of the money allocated to that venture will I receive in that amount of time? Will it be advantageous to me or will it be a drag on sales? Will people be coming to purchase the eBook from Smashwords/iTunes/Nook/Kobo/Diesel only to find it missing?

This is all an experiment for me to find ut what distribution methods are best. I need to know if having it in the Lending Library is a plus or minus so I can determine if I want to do that with future books. Will it increase4 the exposure of the title to the world out there, or will it be an obtrusive restriction? I can’t know until I try it. This experiment will influence the template of future releases. Will the second eBook in the series debut to only the Amazon Lending Library? It all depends on how much of a following it gets due to the Lending Library. It may be a complete and total non-starter. I just have to try it and find out.

If you are NOT a Kindle owner, then I would suggest getting the eBook from the other web sites without delay – at the end of June it will be gone for three months. Here again are the sites that feature the eBook for sale:

Amazon Kindle:

Smashwords (multiple version of the eBook like PDF, HTML, RTF, text and more):

Kobo eReader:

Diesel eBooks:

Still pending shipping/review/approval: iTunes (for the iPhone and iPad), Barnes & Noble (for the Nook)

Of course, you can always get the paperback print version at:


The Book Patch: (Note: needs a slight adjustment to the print version for formatting issues – that is planned this week.)

I look forward to any comments and thoughts you might have on this direction.