Amazon Update!

Home / Amazon Update! - June 10, 2012 , by edunlap
Amazon has published both the paperback and Kindle versions of The Adventures of Reztap now. You can search Amazon’s web site for Reztap now and see a link to both versions! How about a quick recap of where you can get the book now?

Amazon paperback:

Amazon Kindle:

Print version at The Book Patch: (Note: needs a slight adjustment to the print version for formatting issues – that is planned this week.)

Smashwords (multiple version of the eBook like PDF, HTML, RTF, text and more):

Kobo eReader:

Diesel eBooks:

Still pending shipping/review/approval: iTunes (for the iPhone and iPad), Barnes & Noble (for the Nook)

The good news – I don’t have any other places to put the books/eBooks, so I’ve completed my distribution part of the journey (OK, still have a small correction to make to The Book Patch print version). Marketing is another matter. I will be exploring the different channels of marketing and publicity to find out which is most effective.

The bad news – Well, not really bad, but still – I need to continue the marketing/publicity, and work on the next book. Sure, it sounds easy when I put it like that. Writing is definitely enjoyable for me. The editing, not so much. Marketing and publicity are unknowns – I might enjoy it more next time around when I’ve discovered what works so I’m not wasting time & money on avenues that don’t.

More to do!